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Chiropractor Galion, Dr. Nicholas Phillips

Meet Dr. Nicholas Phillips

A Galion Chiropractor with First Hand Experience

Dr. Nicholas Phillips has known the power of chiropractic his entire life. When he was an infant, he suffered from febrile seizures. His mother and grandfather took him to see a chiropractor and he says “the adjustments helped me overcome the seizures.” He continued under chiropractic care throughout childhood, and has his first memories of being adjusted around age 5 or 6.

Later in high school, a very serious wrestling injury occurred, leaving Dr. Phillips temporarily paralyzed from the neck down. Again he and his family found help in chiropractic.

With frequent adjustments, I was able to return to normal activities within a short time.

Making a Difference in the Lives of Others

As a young adult, Dr. Phillips first worked in construction. Eventually he realized that work would wear on his body over the years, and it was already affecting him with back pain. He had always wanted to help others, was intrigued by science, and had been so affected by the power of chiropractic in his own life that he decided to share that with others.

Dr. Phillips attended and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. As soon as he got his chiropractic license, he opened Phillips Family Chiropractic in Galion and has been there since 1992.

Bringing His Passion Home

Dr. Phillips is happily married with five children who range from school-aged to young adults. He and his wife are active in their church, and have always been committed to community involvement as well – although they’ve focused their community volunteerism more around their children’s activities in recent years.

The same wellness he tries to promote in the families of his patients is evident in Dr. Phillips’ family. Each of his children have been under chiropractic care since their births – all of which occurred at home – and there was never a need for them to seek medical care from pediatricians. All in all, the family has made probably 5 visits to medical doctors over the years, and three of those visits were for broken bones.

My kids have been healthy under chiropractic care.

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